Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Reason for my Absence

There is a very good reason I haven't been around much lately....

Kirbys Special Big Sister Tee
(I had the assistance of the LOVELY Gab from
Gabrielle Skye ~ Design & Photography with the graphics as my PC wasn't playing nice at all!
So Thank heaps Sweets!!)

Yes, you read it right! Our little family is soon to add another addition in late January!! 

We are all very excited about having another baby and I am very excited about being pregnant again! Kirby has taken to the news very well, wanting to show off her baby (the ultra sound photo) to anyone who visits! Mind you, whether its a baby sister or baby brother changes on a daily occurrence ;)

I've been very lucky this time around with not having to deal with any morning sickness at all except for some nausea...but I have been extremely tired!! Which is why I have been absent for so long and why I haven't been working on anything much.

I haven't even had a chance to do invites for the little Miss' 3rd bday next week!!Eeek! In fact I think from since we found out my PC has been turned on less times than I have fingers on my hands!

But I am starting to feel better, and I think I am starting to manage being pregnant, dealing with an almost 3yr old, working part time and just getting through life in general!! Just something else to add into the juggling mix ;)

During my absence I helped organise my niece's 1st birthday party so a post on that will be coming along soon too, and I will of course be sharing Kirby's 3rd birthday party which is only 10 days about trying to pull it all together at the last minute!!

Thank you all for your understanding and support and I can not wait to share this next part of my journey with you all!!

Our Lil Bean #2
Can not wait until our next big scan!!

Stay Prettie!!




  1. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! I bet Kirby will be a great big sister and help for you :) Lovely to hear that you are well. C xx

    1. Thank you Cat! I think Kirbys going to be a great big sister too! :D xo

  2. Very exciting news Jodie-Lee. Congrats to you & Ash. Kirby will be such a great big sister! You've left a similar gap between your 2 as to what I did. I love that age gap! Such fun!! All the best with a healthy, easy pregnancy!

    1. Thanks Claire :D
      I think the age gap will be great, and it will be lovely to have a little helper around. Hopefully I enjoy this pregnancy as much as I did Kirbys, so far so good :) xo

  3. A fantastic reason to be absent. We can't wait to meet your new arrival either. I love all these SYS nieces/nephews that I'm getting soon - almost better than my own real ones :)
    I love Kirby's shirt and I'm sure that she wears it with much excitement xxxxx

    1. Thank You Kat. I think its a good reason not to be around too :D Kirby loves her shirt and shows it off to everyone just like the ultrasound pic :) xo