Wednesday, 23 May 2012

That dirty 'CC' word!

A little while ago I posted this on picture on my page with the follow comment:

'To often of late I have seen and heard of various businesses and facebook pages accusing or being accused of 'COPYING'...some even resulting in the use of nasty language against the other party and it really is just not on!
The world of social media has blown open a huge door for the exposure of 'handmade' items and as such I believe each is uniquely created in it own way by each creator...
You only need to take a look at such sites as Madeit or Etsy to see that there are ALOT of similar products, but each have just been interpreted/improved/changed by their designer in some way...and if you can type something into Youtube and get over 300 videos/tutorials on how to make something then I highly doubt that you were the first person to create it.
I read somewhere recently something to the effect of 'There are no new ideas, only new ways to see them' before you accuse someone of copying, or get yourself into a FB argument, stop and think about the other person for a minute and how your words may hurt them...and please, Be Nice ♥'

I still stand by and believe what I wrote, and today this issue has arisen again...and it makes me really sad because someone I know has been accussed of being a 'Copy Cat' and I believe is being made victim of cyber may not have been the intention of the orginial poster, but it is definiatley fueling it!

I really dislike the way that people throw around the term 'Copy Cat' and not even think about how that term will hurt and upset the other party....Where has the decency gone to even contact a person and discuss it with them first before putting it our there that you're a 'victim'???

As I mentioned in the above comment 'There are no new ideas, only new ways to see them'...I know from my own business perpective that what I do is not new, lots of people create party printables, style parties...and I'm pretty sure people have been sewing, crafting and baking for donkeys years...does that mean I'm a copy cat?? I don't think so, because I believe that I bring my own style and ideas to my designs and thats what makes all us crafters unique in our ways.

I believe that posts by Facebook pages accusing others of being that dirty word... 'Copy Cats'... achieves nothing and are totally may think that same about this post, but I felt it needed to be said.

Stay Prettie and please remember to be kind to one another

Jodie-lee xo


  1. Well said hun, I couldn't agree with you more. Also knowing how beautiful and genuinely talented the person you speak of is, its hard to sit by and see so much unnecessary hurt being caused. Bullying is NOT on xox

  2. Thank you for your comment, and like mindind support Cat. ox

  3. I agree Jodie, so many different ways to make the same thing. its not copying, silly hurtful people

  4. Well said! I agree completely. I must admit that when a business starts being accusatory or nasty, I view them very differently and my respect for them is deeply diminished. I see them as unprofessional :-(

    Love your final comment!
    "Stay Prettie and please remember to be kind to one another"

  5. I think I was 6 the last time I worried about being "copied" lol!

  6. Thank you all for you comments, it means alot to me that you take the time to write on also means alot to the person I was talking about in the post. ox

  7. As soon as I see a person/page accuse another of copying I immediately delete or unlike that page... art is about collaboration not competition and so is life! xx