Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Times are changing at Leegirl Pretties

When Leegirl Pretties started I offered a range of different handmade products because I am the kind of the of person that likes to do a little of this and a little of that...I was sewing buntings, blankets, making door hangings, coat hooks, ribbonwands, blackboards, and of course freestanding words and invitations.

Over time I have taken some of those things off my list of available products, because it wasn't worth my time promoting them when clearly others were selling better, others being the Freestanding words and custom invitations.

As you would remember last month we moved house and I stopped taking custom orders for the Easter break...who was I kidding, a break... a break from what!lol! I was still working my consecutive four shifts a week with hours that make me tired just thinking about them, running around after a 2.5yr old ball non stop of energy called my daughter and trying to manage the cleaning, unpacking and organising of our new home, running a household in general and all the while I was still working on a few orders!

It was then that I realised I was tired....and a little uninspired to keep moving forward. I use to make things because I enjoyed making them and creating something special that in turn you could enjoy too...but of late I haven't enjoyed it so much... I had even thought it would be easier just to pack it all in and walk away.

We didn't have the internet on for a good two and a half weeks after we moved in, so with the time that I would normally have spent wasting online here and there, I found myself thinking about the direction I was taking Leegirl Pretties in and was it what I wanted to continue to do. 

 When I designed a few little party accessories for a friends nieces' birthday...I enJOYed it... and when I put together a little dessert/sweets table for my family to enjoy after our Easter dinner, I enJOYed that too....I think thats when I kind of made my decision...This is what made me happy...designing and styling and making things prettie! 

I knew what had to go...I knew I wasn't enjoying them anymore and to be honest with you, I was dreading finishing off the ones I had ready to go...but more than that I was dreading having to tell you all and how you may be disappointed in me...but then I realised I was putting the wrong people first...don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate each and every single person who has supported me, but the people I need to put first was my family...and me. By not doing this I would be disappointed in myself that I continued to do something that doesn't make me happy.

So it is here that I finally say, I will no longer be taking orders for any custom Freestanding words (including wedding words and other mdf products). Of course all orders that are currently being worked on or paid for will be completed, but I will not be taking on any new orders. There may be limited custom spots available from time to time, so keep an eye out, and of course should you be looking for other businesses that can prodive you with these products, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

This is not only a decision that I have made for Leegirl Pretties, but one that I have made for my family and myself.

I want to move forward in the direction that I had always hoped I would go and that is designing pretties for parties and celebrations. I hope you stand by me with this decision and continue to follow me on this journey.

I am excited for what the future holds for Leegirl Pretties and where it will take me from here, so make sure you keep your eyes open for some new party pretties coming your way (some are already in the making!).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and should you have any questions or quieries please feel free to contact me.

Stay Prettie

Jodie-lee xo


  1. I think its great that you are putting yourself first Jodie, what is the point of making/ designing etc things if you are not enjoying it? None at all, that's the answer. Concentrate on the things that give YOU pleasure. Carol

  2. Thank you for your support Carol, I really appreciate it, I hope everyone else understand too :)

  3. It's actually rare these days for people to completely put themselves and their families first but it's so important! Good on you :) I hope you get to do the things you love :) Very glad I got a chance to order for my little miss before you stopped!! Will be stalking the post man next week :)

  4. Thank you so much Karen... I'm looking forward to creating more party pretties and sharing my inspirations with you all... and spending the extra time with my family will be wonderful... I may even find a little more time for me ;)