Monday, 19 August 2013

A Mermaid Splash

My Miss Kirby LOVES celebrating! She has been talking about her 4th birthday party since the day after her 3rd. The theme changed a couple times but in the end we settled on a Memaid party!

I had been planning it all in my head for quite some time; pinning this, googling that and while Facebook-ing one day a pretty little illustation popped up in my newsfeed. It was then that I asked my beautiful friend Gab from Crafty Mumma to be part of the design process ...and I think this custom illustration is just stunning!

Mermaid illustration by Gab from Crafty Mumma
Invitation by LeegirlPretties
I love doing the fun crafty things that come along with organising a party and my favourite craft project from the party would have to have been the sweets buffet back drop! Not only was it cheap to put together, but I thought it was so effective in creating an underwater feel...and the added sparkle and starfish just topped it off. (and to be completely honest, I love it that much it's still currently hanging in the same spot!lol!)

Sweets Buffet styled by LeegirlPretties
Kirby added her own touch by placing the mermaid I made her on the table, I think she looks just perect there! ;)
This year I decided that I wanted to take one less stress away, so I had the birthday cake made by the lovely Crystal from Queen V Cakes. Crystal was amazing to work with and so helpful, and best of all the cake tasted amazing! Kirby and I got to have some glitter crafting fun by making the gold '4' for the top of the cake and also the purple 'reeds'.

Cake made by Queen V Cakes
The other sweet sweet delicious pieces of heaven that I has specially made were from one of my favourite local business, Andre's Macaron. Last year Andre and Gail did an amazing job of creating some little pig macarons for me (see them here), so I knew they wouldn't let me down when I requested another custom order...pretty little oyster shells complete with little pearls!

Custom Oyster Shell macarons by Andre's Macaron.
As well as homemade marshmallow (easy and YUM!), purple jelly slice (as requested by the birthday girl), mini meringues, cupcakes, chocolate bars and lollies, we had some other special sweets that the guests enjoyed.

Jelly with Sea Creature! They were so cute!

Glitter Cookie Stacks!
After seeing some of these at Confetti Fair I was inspired to give them a go and I couldn't have been more happier with how they turned out!
The kids were kept entertainted with some of Kirbys favourite activities; a variety of bubble wands and bubble mixture, a whole heap of home made play doh and cutters, and they also decorated their own starfish cookies!

The birthday girl decorating her starfish cookie!

Each of Kirby's little friends filled their party bags with some lollies and sweets and also took home a little glass jar keepsake. The girls jars were filled with sand and a shell with a pearl on it, as well as a pretty pearl necklace from **CHARMing**. (Michelle also made Kirby and I matching pearl necklaces with our initials on them! They were soo special!!) The boys jars had some burried pirate treasure and a pirate eye patch!

Pearl Necklaces made by Michelle from **CHARMing**
We all had such a wonderful day celebrating our growing girl. I am still trying to get my head around that fact that we now have a 4yr old! Why must they grow so fast?!

Our little birthday girl.
I made Kirby's party outfit; a full length tulle tutu embellished with a satin purple ruffle flower, pearls and some gold sequins, as well as a matching headband!

I'd love to share some other parts of the party prepping with you, so if you'd like to know how to do something, or would the recipe for one of the sweets feel free to comment or email me and I'll get a tutorial up :)


** I should mention, it wasn't all sweets and lollies (as much as I think the kids would have loved that!). All the usual party food favourites made an appreance for lunch, and we even made some starfish shaped fairy bread that was a hit with the kids (I didn't managed to get a pic of that :( )


  1. Jodie-Lee you have done an AMAZING job of your sweet Kirby's party! What a special day she would have had thanks to her crafty, clever mumma!
    Well done lovely! Love it!
    Cat xox

  2. That looks totally AMAZING! What a lucky little girl you have