Saturday, 23 November 2013

LeegirlPretties HQ

This morning I shared a photo on my Instagram feed of my 'Creative Space and Happy Wall.' A friend suggested that I share it with all of you, and I thought well what better way to say 'Hello again Blog, I'm sorry you've been neglected for so long, but here's some prettiness to make up for it!' ;)

So this my friends, is my 'Creative Space and Happy Wall.'

This little area makes me happy :)
This is where all the pretties are designed, created and made...I actually take over the kitchen table a lot of the time too...because truth be told I am a messy crafter (really MESSY!), and it is quite rare that it is this clean! I already know it will probably have papers, drawings, material and other crafty bits dumped on it again by the end of the week! Haha!

'My Space' is filled with things that make me happy, it's really that simple.

There are inspiring words about motherhood, love and life, art made by my babies (their handprints front and centre and also a painting that I framed), things that I have made (tassels from a baby shower and my latest crafty creation 'the flowery teapot'), my AMAZING new yellow lamp and a few little decorative bits that I just my new little foxy from TYPO and my bubbly glass paper weigh!

I love that I can add to it and change it any time I like...Christmas is actually slowly making an appearance with one of my HO HO HO prints and a cute little mouse that I picked up half price in Lincraft the other day!

So tell me, do you have a creative space or a little happiness wall? Does it stay clean, or are you a messy crafter too?lol!




  1. Messy really doesn't come close to how I craft, I manage to spread throughout the house :)

    1. haha! I too am guilty of this every so often!!

  2. So cute!! I love that my Sunny Mummy print is up there!! :) and that fox is ADORABLE!!! My space is Meesy Central, for some reason the kids school notes and drawings pile up and I end up with a collection of clutter :(