Saturday, 23 March 2013

Easter Craft ~ Bunny Art

Here is an easy Easter Craft that is great to hang up around the home or to give as a gift.

You will need:

Part 1.
* Large piece of paper
* Fabric Scraps
* Glue and Paint brush (We used a mixure of PVA with a little water)

Part 2.
* Finished paper with fabric scraps
* Scissors
* Glue Stick
* Pencil
* Bunny Template
* Backing Card
* Photo Frame

This is the part where you can get the kids involved and then transform one art work into another! You don't have to use fabric scraps either; paintings and drawings would work great too and if you've aready started eating some choccies you might have some foil wrappers! (If you've been looking for an excuse to start eating some of those eggs early here it is, hehehe)

Stick fabric scraps to the paper using the glue mixture and brush. Try and make sure that the scraps are glued close together. They don't have to match up, you can even overlap them a little if don't want any gaps at all.

Once the page is all covered let it dry completely. We left it for a few days before starting the second part.
One art work about to be turned into another :)
Once it's all dry you can start the second stage. For this you will need to find a bunny template that you like. I just googled 'bunny template' and searched until I found the one I liked.

Turn the fabric paper over and trace around your bunny shape on to the back. Depending on how big your paper was you may be able to get a few bunny cut outs. We also cut out a few egg shapes too :) Take care when cutting the shapes out and if you are letting your child cut them out please use your judgement and supervise where nessasary.

Now that you have your shapes, cut a piece of coloured card to the size of your photo frame. Using the glue stick, attach the shape the card. Because of how the fabric and glue may have dried it might be a bit bumpy nad hot glue down flat. I found that placing a really heavy book on top of the art work for a little while helped flatten it out :)

Pop it in the frame and ta-da! Bunny art, that can be hung or placed around the house some where for an instant Easter feel! This isn't just for Easter time though, I'm sure it would look great on the wall all year round and the shapes you can make are only limited to your or your childs imagination!!
Don't just limit yourself to a bunny in a frame either. We also laminated one and the egg shapes too and made this for sticking on the fridge! A laminated one would also make a great little placemat for breakfast on Easter morning too!! :)

Another master piece for the fridge!

I hope you enjoy this little Easter craft, I'd love to see some pics of your creations!


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  1. Love it! And you explain it so well, even I could give this a go lol.
    Thanks for sharing!