Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

oooo I wonder what this is all about...?
Random Act of Kindess....I posted the other day on facebook asking what your thoughts were about them and if you do them. Sometimes they are planned, like giving blood or baking for a friend in need, sometimes they just present themselves in front of you and in the moment that you acted you may have unknowly made someones day just that little bit easier.

I love doing acts of kindness when I can, whether it's by letting someone in front of me at the supermarket, helping someone pick something up off a high shelf in the shops, or watching a friends children so that she can have a bit of time out.

I've also been lucky enough to have people do random acts of kindness for me, like the gentleman who offered to take the baby trolley back to Aldi for me the other day when he saw I was struggling with a screaming newborn and a nagging 3yr old on a hot day. I thanked him over and over as he walked away, little did he know how much that one gesture meant to me.

I have been wanting to return some love to the universe and do my own act of kindness with some Leegirl Pretties. I love the feeling I get when I create something, but what I love even more is sharing that with someone and seeing how much they love it too! Something else I also love is that little buzz you get when an unexpected parcel arrives in the mail, there is nothing like wondering who sent you something and what is it. Seeing a parcel in the mail always makes me smile!

So whats does all this mean and how will it work, I hear you say...?

Will they be hopping to a mail box near you?
There are two parts to my act of kindness.

Firstly, see the pretty jar with the papers in it? On those papers are the names of my lovely customers who have placed orders with me since the start of December last year up until now. I will be drawing out one name and one of the bunnies will be hopping into their letter box! Easy! :)

If the person who recieves the bunny doesn't have a little (or big) someone in their home to love it I would encourage them to perform their own act of kindness and pay it forward. The choice is theirs :)

The second part involves YOU! I want you to tell me who you think deserves a little bunny to hop into their letter box! You can comment here on the blog, under the post that I will pin to the top of the LeegirlPretties facebook page, or you can email me (please rememeber to provide me with your email address so I can contact you).

I will then choose one of the nominees and ask that provide me with their postal address so we can give them the buzz of recieving some unexpected mail that will hopefully brighten their day a little. (This means that you will have to keep the person you nominate a secret! I won't be telling who nominated them either!)

You will need to be quick though! You have until 8pm Thursday (21st March) to nominate someone so that I can get it in the post and hopefully to them before Easter :)

I will not be annoucing who the bunnies are going to because it would ruin the surprise. If that person contacts me and is happy for me to share I will, if not, it will just be my little secret. :)

So 'HOP' to it! ;)


***please note, this is only open to Australian residents. Any information given is solely for the purpose of our Random Act of Kindness and will not be shared or forwarded on to any 3rd parties.

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  1. Jodie-Lee this is just wonderful.
    I have finally been able to sit down and have a proper read through at this wonderful gesture you are doing. Good on you lovely! You continue to make this world a brighter place day after day. xoxox