Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Diva for a day

Our Diva invites with BLING detail
Designed by LeegirlPretties
Do you remember seeing this sneak peek a little while back? Well last weekend was the big Diva Party, and I helped Ava's mum organise and put it all together.

In true Diva tradition, the little birthday girl was in on the organising and had some specific requests when it came to the activities and food she wanted, which gave a great personal touch to the day.

The party activities included painting plaster moulds, decorating pink princess wands and the must have at this Diva's party was decorating Sand Art Cards! A massive THANK YOU to the wonderful owners at  'The Party Girl' for helping us at the last minute with some sand art cards, after we were let down by another company. We will definately be keeping you in mind for up coming parties!! You can find 'The Party Girl' here or here. :)

These are the little goodies that my little girl decorated! 

Another request from the birthday girl was a giant cupcake cake. Her Aunty made the cake (under the watchful eye of the birthday girl) , and it was placed in the centre of the table. The little guests loved the pink and purple cake on the inside!

The sweets table.
Styled by Leegirl Pretties

 The sweet treats choosen by the birthday girl included: Fruit Sticks, Chocolate Truffles, Cupcakes, White Chocolate Crackles, Jelly Pots, Fairy Bread, Caramel Tarts and Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Pops! The little guests washed this all down with Strawberry Milk Shakes in mini glass milk bottles and pink stripey straws.

Marshmallow Pops, White Chocolate Crackles,
Cupcakes with mini butterflies and Jelly Pots...with wooden spoons and a little BLING! ;)

The girls filled there favour bags with Sherbet Lolly Pops, Strawberry Sour Straps, Sherbet Cocktails, Mini Pink Musk Sticks, Mini Strawberry Jelly Beans and White Chocolate Whirls.

Yummy sweets, including the birthday girls favourite, Sour Straps!

 The favour bags were decorated with hand made mini white glitter pom poms, which also doubled as a little bracelet. These were also a hit! As well as filling their bags with sweets, the girls also recieved a mini lip gloss, mini nail polish, stickon earrings and a little butterfly ring...everything a little diva needs! ;)

Mini Milk bottles filled with Strawberry Milkshake.
The favour bags with the handmade mini pom pom bracelets.
Pom Poms made by Leegirl Pretties

Each guest also recieved a Mini Thank You chocolate bar, which also featured a little bling!

Mini Thank You chocolate bars.
Wrapper desinged by Leegirl Pretties

 Over all it was a great day, and all the girls had a lovely time, including a very lucky birthday girl. One little guest was even heard saying, 'This is the best party I've ever been to!!' which just makes all the hard work worth it! Thank you Ava for letting Leegirl Pretties be apart of your special day!!

I hope you've enjoyed looking through the photos, I'd love to hear any questions or comments so feel free to post below or email me at

Stay Prettie

Jodie-Lee ox

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