Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pushing My Creative Boundries

A few months ago I decided that rather than buying a special dress for my little girl to wear on Christmas day, I would make one instead. I had a few styles in mind, but after her nanna made her a dress I decided that I liked the same pattern and would give it a go.

The only thing was, that although I have sewn buntings and blankets and a few other different things over the years, I haven't actually read a pattern or made a piece of clothing since I finished Yr 12...a good 8yrs ago!! My MIL assured me that it was a fairly easy dress to make and I shouldn't have too many problems.

The book the pattern is from is called Happy Handmade Vol 2 by Ruriko Yamada and was purchased at Spotlight. Its a beautiful book and the clothing in it looks just as beautiful!

The only thing I didn't like about the book, was how confused it made me! lol! I found the instuctions were hard to follow as it had me going from one page over to the next then back to the first page again, and the actual instructions were all over little pictures that at times I found hard to follow too. But luckily I knew someone who had made the dress before and was able to help me understand the pattern ;)

Once I understood what was going on, it didn't take too long to put it all together and have a finished product that I was very happy with!!

I wasn't the only one who was happy with it soon Kirby saw the dress she put her hands to her cheeks and exclaimed 'I so love it mum, its just beautiful!' She couldn't wait to get into it and was very happy to be my little model ;)

Now the next step is cutting up and putting together the dress for the main event that is taking place in only 40 days...yep there are only 40days until the big man in the red suit visits!

Keep an eye out for some Christmas themed blog posts about some of the other things I'm making and doing this festive season and you may even find some ideas that you can use too!!

Stay Prettie,

Jodie-lee ox

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous, your daughter is a cutie too :)
    Well done - dresses made by mums are something special - it's like wearing a hug ;)