Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Organised Housewife Pre-Challenge Week

The Organised Housewife

As you may have seen during the week, I am taking part in a challenge being run by The Organised Housewife. It's aim is clear from the title, '20 Days to organise & clean your home.'

When the challenge pop up in my newsfeed I was excited, as my house has fallen victim to neglect due to my overwhleming need for sleep... it seems pregnancy, part time work, running round after a three year old and housework don't mix very well and can make you very, very tired!! (well for me anyway!)

I decided to take part not only in the hope of getting the house organised and clean, but in the hope that I could kick start and find my motivation again, and enJOY the time I have with my little family of three before it turns into a little family of four!

So, the pre-challenge tasks aimed at organising yourself with a binder for your upcoming tasks/challenges, making a 'cleaning kit', establishing morning and evening routines to suit your home, setting some goals of what you want achieve by taking part and also organising some tubs for the de-cluttering that I plan on doing. 

I most enjoyed establishing morning and evening routines, especially for Kirby. I made her  two charts of her own that we popped up on the fridge and as she completes each task she gets a sticker....stickers are great for getting things done it seems! ;) 

Here is our week in Instagram pics (you can link up your own photos to the challenge by using the hashtag #toh20challenge)

my binder

my 'cleaning kit' in my $9 clean tin from Kmart
(I had this at home already under the sink, but now it serves a better purpose ;) )

my morning routine and Kirbys morning routine

this is now how her bed looks after she helps make the bed

getting all her stickers!
I made a similar chart for the evening

setting goals!!
 Just by establishing these two routines in the morning and evening I can already feel AND see the difference they are making. I can't wait to see what following month brings!!

I plan on writing a post at the end of each week to see what differences it is making in our home and I would love to hear if you are also taking part in the challenge, and how it is making a difference in your home. 

Until next time,
Stay Prettie

Jodie-lee xo

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  1. I love the charts, and your lists are great as they break down the morning into achievable steps. Good luck, I think this is a wonderful thing to do - remind Ash that he has a role to play too xxx