Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Busy behind the scenes

Of late there have been quite a few changes in my life that have been keeping me busy, which means that although I have been on actively on the computer checking emails and facebook etc, my page and blog have been a little neglected.

This is the main reason I have been kept so busy....

Yep we're moving house...again!
So my time has been spent looking at houses, attending inspections and after placing an application in we now have a new house to move into and make our home.

If you have ever moved house you'll know that it drives you crazy, and as much as you try to plan to have it all done by moving day, moving day comes and your still shoving the last of your stuff into a box and it gets marked 'bench stuff' ...well thats what its been like the last few times for me any way lol! 

This time though, I am trying my VERY hardest to get it done in time...I'm going room by room and plan on sorting the crap stuff and the keeping stuff and having a garage sale to make back a little cash...the carpet cleaning money has to come from somewhere right?! ;)

Given that I am still working my part time job, running around after a little girl, running a household and trying to pack, I have decided that I will not be taking on any more orders until after the Easter break. Any orders that have already been discussed and paid for will of course be completed with in the time frames already outlined.

This does not mean you can't contact or email me about orders that you'd like to place. I will start a wait list and once the Easter break is over I will open orders again. There may be a chance that I will open orders again before that, but I am just giving myself this time frame to settle.

I will still be posting about the exciting orders that I'm working on and also sharing parties and styling with you...including the Easter decorating that I'm planning (but can't start setting up due to the move) and inspiration for a 1st birthday party that I'll be styling in a few months... AND if you keep an eye out you may find some details about a Giveaway that we have planned with the lovely Mel from Two Little Bubbles and some other lovely handmade businesses!!

So please stick around while we take this short break from taking orders and keep LeegirlPretties in your newsfeed (this can be done by hovering over the 'like' button on our page and ticking the 'Show in NewsFeed' option) so you are upto date with all that is going on.

mmmmm rainbow cupcakes!!
we made these one the weekend...they didn't last very long at all! ;)

Stay Prettie,


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  1. Hope the move goes well Jodie-Lee - it's one of my least favourite things to do as well.... Good luck!!