Sunday, 5 February 2012

The week that was... Photoshoots!

I like to take photos...lots of photos...I am not a professional...but I like to think I'm some kind of a photographer, even if its only a mummy photographer!lol!

This past week though, Leegirl Pretties has been involved with 3 different photoshoots...all shot by professionals!!

When the call out was done for business' who may be interested in taking part in a Valentines Day shoot being put together by Lily Chic Events  I put my name down and was totally stoked when Lilan contacted me about making a Custom Freestanding word. There was no way I wasn't being part of this fantastic opportunity!!

Here is the sneak peek that was released during the week... ps I am in LOVE with it and can't wait to see MORE!! 

Custom 'Brekky<3' word made by LeegirlPretties, Styled by Lily Chic Events and photographed by Lee Bird Photography
The second photoshoot I was involved in was for a product shoot with Melanie from Two Little Bubbles. She wanted to do a Valentines themed shoot for her new range of hair accessories, and asked me to style it. 

For something that was put together with a weeks notice (nothing like a last minute challenge!) I was sooo happy with the outcome and can not wait to see the final shots ( there will be a whole post deicated to those ;D )... but here is the sneak peek we released in the mean time...

Styling by Leegirl Pretties, Hair accessories (hanging over Love word) by Two Little Bubbles and Photography by 21 Dreams Photography
The third shoot that I was involved in was with Coco by Miss Jane.

Jane did a call out for someone who would be able to provide her with a bunting that spelt out 'Happy Anniversary'... it was a special anniversary, as the couple were celebrating 65years of marriage!! Although this was another last minute project for me I couldn't say no to that much LOVE, and I'm so happy I was able to help.

I dont' have a sneak peek of this shoot, but when I get one you'll see it!!

I guess this last week has shown me that sometimes the best opportunities are the ones that come knocking at your door at the last minute, and sometimes its easier to go with the flow of it rather than 'think' about it too much!


PS... we also got iPhones at the end of the week and I am in LOVE with Instagram! lol!! Here is a little snap of my sunshine! (you can follow me on instagram too, leegirl87)


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  1. Wow, what a big, exciting week!! Leegirl Pretties is going so well by the sounds of it....yay, you go girl!!!! And I too LOVE LOVE LOVE instagram :) I'll find you on there tonight :) How cute is Miss K....adorable!!!!!!