Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To Market We Went!

When I was accepted for my first market at a Primary School market day I was excited, and nervous... I'd been to plenty of markets as a visitor, but I'd never been to a market as a stall holder...and it was a GREAT success and went beyond what I had expected!

Side view of our stall site

Front view, Leegirl Pretties to the left, Two Little Bubbles to the right.

SO when I got the guts up to apply for a bigger market and got accepted.... I had the urge to cry/throw up/smile and was on a rollercoaster of other emotions too, but mainly because I was so overwhelmed with the fact I was going to be a stall holder at the Piccadilly Market...the biggest upmarket market in Geelong!

Piccadilly Market
After the stress of getting everything together in a week and a half, I think it all paid off on the day. I had a great time being a stall holder and also having a look around at all the other talented stallholders at the market!

Me at the Leegirl Pretties stall...just a tad windy..but it didn't spoil my day! :)
Our popular Ribbon Wands

Our Fill In Invitations and party accessories

Leegirl Pretties Bunting

Our VERY popular Oreo Pops

Blackboard Sample display
 Thank you again to the Piccadilly Market Organisers for such a great day and taking us in as a last minute stall holder...we will definately be applying for the next market early next year! :)

Stay Prettie Always!

Jodie-lee ox

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