Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Leegirl Behind the Pretties

This is my first ever blog post.....and its a little scary to be honest! But luckly I had a great little tutorial from the beautiful Gab over at Gabrielle Skye ~ Design & Photography (find her here) so hopefully I do her proud! By the way, while I am talking about Gab, she is the wonderful reason I have this beautiful looking blog! Don't you think its beautful! Thank you Gab, you are truly amazing!

As this is my first blog I thought I would take this opportuntity to introduce myself and let you know about the face behind Leegirl Pretties. So here we go! **please note...I can ramble sometimes, so I apologise now lol!**

My name is Jodie-lee (yes its my whole first name and people often mistaken it as my first and last name or my first and middle name...and like I say to the people I work with, why would I put my middle or surname on my bagde when no-one else does...? *End rant*). I am 24 years old, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a bestfriend and now a new little business owner. 

I knew from the first moment I met my husband that we were going to be together and now four and half years on, we are married and have our own little family with the most adorable little girl ever; Kirby Maree.

Photography by Remember When Black & White Photography

I have always loved to make and create things from a very young age. Cooking has always been something I have enjoyed, and I especially love making cakes and other sweets. My first ever time of baking a batch of cupcakes was one day after school where I had just had a Home Economics class. I thought I would try impress my family with my new skill...but I had left the recipe at school... needless to say my amazing blue cupcakes turned out to amazing blue rocks that we ended up throwing against the garage wall later that evening! ;)  But I learnt from that experience and now I'm am very sure that you would never want throw one of my cupcakes at a wall!lol! 

These were my lastest creation after becoming obsessed with Butterscotch Sauce
They are a Butterscotch Cupcake topped with a Butterscotch Frosting drizzled with a bit of
Butterscotch Sauce and a Chocolate Chip... I told you I was obsessed with it!!lol!

I have also always loved making crafy things.... I think Leegirl Pretties started a long time ago, I just didn't know it had. The first invitation I ever remember making was one for my 5th birthday party. My mum was making card like invites with ballons drawn on the front that I got to help colour in, I remember that being one of the best parties I ever had...I got to have my WHOLE prep class there! My mum must have either been very brave taking on a class size party of 5yr olds, or completely crazy!lol! (I LOVE YOU MUM!!)

I created my own 21st invites, and I suppose it was a learning experience from there, as I went on to doing (with some help from lovely friends) our Engagement Invites..which unbeknown to everyone else was to also to be our Wedding Day!! Best surprise I have EVER pulled off...all planned and organised in a month (while being 6mths pregnant also!) with only a handfull of people knowing!

Becoming an Aunty to my two beautiful nieces and now also a Mother to my own beautiful daughter probably sparked something big inside of me because I loved to make things for them when ever I could; from pretties for their rooms, to invitations for their birthdays/naming days and baptism. These girls are my inspiration.

Cousin Love!

My friends and family would often tell me I was wasting my talents by not doing anything about it, and I think what held me back the longest was my fear of being rejected, and people not liking what I made... But a very good friend made me realise that people DID like my creations and that I should take a chance, be confident and to do something about it!! I will forever be thankful for my 'wingman'! ox

When it came to putting a name to my creations I wanted it to be a bit of me and a bit of my girls... so after many name ideas it came down to Leegirl Pretties... Leegirl was a nickname I was given when working as a 15yr old and Pretties, was what Kirby called everything at the time, so it seemed fitting.

Setting up and lauching that Facebook page was one of the most nerve racking things I have done...but I wouldn't take it back for a thing! Since then I have had numerous custom orders (more than I ever expected to be honest), done my first ever market (with Two Little Bubbles) which was very successful, and am about to be a stall holder at the Piccadilly Market... which I have taken as a huge compliment as this is a fantastic market that I have visited often and wished I could be at one day!

I love that fact that Leegirl Pretties is now being spread around Australia (and the world..?) and that I am able to create items for the special people in your life! I hope that you will continue to follow me on this wonderful journey, and I look forward to celebrating all the milestones that come along with it!

Until next time, Stay Prettie ;)




  1. Lovely post Jodie-Lee and YES, you did me proud LOL I am so glad you love your new blog and I can't wait to read more from the Prettie girl herself :)

    Gab xx

  2. What beautiful start to a wonderful 'blogventure'! You are an inspiration to many Missy and I can't wait to hear more adventures from Miss Prettie herself <3

  3. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Your blog and facebook page are lovely.