Sunday, 6 January 2013

Alfies Adventures Have Come to an End...for now ;)

I know I am a tad late in this update, but with Christmas and New Year done and dusted I thought I'd share with you all the rest of Alfie Snowflakes adventures.

Taking a ride on the caterpillar;
riding a reindeer while wearing Kirby dancing medal she got the night before;
 raming down the reindeer lego house;
hanging around with the balloons I was given on my last night of work.

Getting ready to make Reindeer food!!
Counting down the sleeps with the babushka twins;
Getting into some mischief with the wrapping supplies;
christmas baking time...yummm!; hanging in the stockings.
Alfie came to Kmart with us to drop off some presents for the Wishing Tree.
Sneaking some milk and cookies!
Sitting in Kirbys new bike! :)
Alfie was given leave and allowed to stay with us for a special Christmas morning breakfast before going home to the North Pole!
After Christmas Day Kirby had a bit of trouble understanding that Alfie wasn't coming back for a while, so after posting about it on Facebook, I decided to get Alfie to write Kirby a little letter explaining where she had gone and that she would be popping in now and again to keep an eye on her.
Alfie's little card to Kirby.
But Alfie still had one surprise up her wonderful friend Gab from Gabrielle Skye ~ Design & Photography put together this image so that Kirby had a visual aide to help her understand where Alfie had gone. (thank you so much again Gab!! Your too wonderful!!)

She got a wonderful surprise when she turned the ipod on and found Alfie and Santa looking back at her :)

We enjoyed having Alfie stay with us so much that even I have had to adjust to not seeing her pop up here and there. She will definitely be coming back to stay with us next Christmas and she will be popping up around the place through out the year, just to keep Kirby on her toes ;)

Stay Prettie

Jodie-Lee xx

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