Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Alfie Snowflake

For the month of December we have a little house guest visiting from the North Pole. Her name is Alfie Snowflake.

I chose to steer away from the traditional Elf On A Shelf, instead making my own from a Gingermelon pattern (you can purchase the pattern here). I wanted a bit of freedom with what our Elf would look like, so she has blonde hair like my daughter and next year I intend to add another Elf to our tradition that will represent our unborn baby (so if its a boy we'll have a little boy elf and if its another girl we'll have another girl friend for Alfie)

The response to Alfie's arrival has been just great! Kirby was amazed when she saw her for the first time and every morning is the same 'Where is Alfie Snowflake this morning?...Lets look for her!'

Some of what Alfie is found doing relates back to our Advent Activitiy Calendar, this makes it easier for me, especially on the days when I have to work or have worked the night before. (read about our Advent Activity Calendar here)

So here is what our little Elf has been up to so far.

Alfie Snowflake's arrival...with Elf hat and all ;)

Hangin out in the navitiy set.

Alfie was found in the Christmas tree, with a little
note saying that she had a gift for Kirby.

Chilling out in a bowl of Christmas M&M's; Having a rest in
Santa's secret Letter Box (we wrote our santa letter that day); Playing in
the craft box (christmas craft day); and hanging out with Barbie watching
Christmas video's on YouTube.
Alfie relaxing in daddy's baseball glove with a little present so Kirby can talk
to Santa; Alfie came along to our Santa photos and jumped in too; Hanging out in the Advent Calendar with a little chocolate; and reading some new Christmas stories with Big Bunny.
Making snow angels in cotton balls by her special door tothe North Pole; Doing
some colouring in a new Christmas colouring book; and hanging around off some tinsel with candy you do ;)

Alfie has been a great new little addition to our family and will definately be coming back next year. I'm planning on making a little photo book up once Christmas is over, so that we can look back on the adventures that Alfie has had at our home.

Keep your eyes open for more Elf goodness as Alfie Snowflake's adventures continues!

Stay Prettie


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